Richmond Fellowship

Richmond Fellowship is a national mental health charity. Company Registration Number: 662712. Registered Charity Number: 200453.

Richmond Fellowship is a national mental health charity. We’ve been working with individuals, families, and communities to make recovery reality for over 60 years.

Our services work hand-in-hand with the people we support to give them the confidence and self-belief that they have an important contribution to make in society.

By working closely with the people we support, we’ve developed models to support recovery that can make a positive difference to their lives. Since 1959, we’ve provided support to thousands of people across the country to help them manage the day to day impacts of living with mental ill health.

We offer a range of services across England including supported housing, community support, crisis houses, residential homes, employment support and social enterprises.

We have a simple mission, approach and set of values that guide us in everything we do:

Our Mission: Making Recovery Reality

Our Values:

Hope: the belief that recovery is possible for every individual

Respect: valuing differences and all contributions

Enabling: giving people encouragement and support to achieve their goals

Inclusion: the belief that everyone has a right to participate fully in society.


Floating Support

Richmond Fellowship Durham Floating Support service works with adults who are living in the community and have a recognised mental health problem. Our team have a wide range of skills and expertise to support you on your recovery journey.

What we do

We offer 1-1 recovery focused, person-centred support which is based around your goals. We will work with you to identify what you need support with and what you want to work towards, and build a  plan with you to reach those goals.

Depending on individual circumstances we can work in your own home or out in the community, and we offer a choice of face to face or remote support, with some optional group sessions as part of the service.

Because of our individual approach, the support can be very varied, but often falls into these categories:

Mental Health Support – supporting you to learn coping strategies, anxiety management, learn more about your diagnosis, creating toolkits to use on a day to day basis, and discover what recovery means to you.

Social & Community Inclusion – meeting people, building relationships, attending groups or courses, finding new interests, getting involved with your local community or volunteering.

Physical Health – supporting you to live a healthier lifestyle, get more active, and understand more about the links between physical & mental health.

Digital Inclusion – supporting you to keep yourself safe online, learn basic IT skills and to be able to participate in digital activities.

24 Hour Supported Housing

Richmond Fellowship’s St Stephen’s Supported Housing service allows tenants to develop skills and coping strategies to manage their own tenancies and mental health needs.

What we do

We work with people on a one to one basis, using a recovery based model and individual support planning to empower them to develop opportunities, gain skills and experience and make positive choices in their lives.

We have eight self-contained flats for people to develop the skills needed to move on to more independent living, with our staff working individually with tenants to develop practical and emotional tools and skills to become and stay independent.

We can help with the practical elements of having a tenancy for someone who may have spent some time in other settings such as hospital, as well as the opportunity to develop skills and confidence in a community based resource.

Richmond Fellowship’s Durham Supported Housing Service is tailored for each individual using the service with the ultimate goal to help you manage your accommodation and assist you with reintegration back into independent living and the wider community.

Supported Housing

Our Supported Housing Service in Bishop Auckland has a dedicated Recovery Worker to support the tenants in our 8 self-contained flats in Bishop Auckland.  This service is for people who do not need 24 hour support but still need additional support towards that next step of the journey towards fully independent living.

What we do

We work with people on a one to one basis, using a recovery based model and individual support planning to empower them to develop opportunities, gain skills and experience and make positive choices in their lives.

There is a dedicated Recovery Worker who supports the people living in this service Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm.  Who supports people with the practical skills of managing a tenancy and independent living, support them to develop social networks and engage in hobbies, interests and other activities.  They support people to develop the skills, tools and strategies to manage and maintain their mental health.  The Recovery Worker supports people to work positively with wider care and support networks and liaises with other professionals if necessary.


Can be made by anyone through the Alliance using the referral methods. There may be a waiting list but we will prioritise this people whose needs are greatest or signpost you to somebody else who could help.